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Women's cut $60

Mens Cut $45


New Growth Retouch $70
An all over colour to refresh your new hair growth and cover grey hair.

Roots to Ends $85+
A single colour from root to tip, additional product charges may apply for very thick/long hair.

Root Smudge/Shadow Root $40+
This three part service is used to create a blended shadow at the roots and blend previous foil lines, or add depth to color. 

Add On Face Framing/Mini Highlights $45+
Up to ten foils placed strategically for maximum effect.

Partial Foil Highlights $95

Foils placed around the face, and across the crown.   

Partial Balayage Highlights $135
Hand painted highlights around the face, and along the hair parting.

Full Head Foil Highlights $185

A full head of highlights for an all over lighter look.  Toner included.

Balayage Highlights $150
A french word meaning hand painted, this subtle and sun kissed highlighting effect is perfect for those who need their hair looking great in between longer stretches of appointments. This service can also include foils to create a brighter look. 

Add On Toner $40
Rebalance the pigments over previously highlighted hair. Can be booked as a standalone service by choosing "Shampoo & Blowdry" as the primary appointment. 

Add On Gloss $40
This service won't change your color, but rather soften the cuticle in order to drive shine enhancing and conditioning ingredients directly into the cortex of the hair.